let’s CHAT: boys, summer plans, health & fitness, modeling , college

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I answer a bunch of your questions you asked me on Instagram!
In this order:

0:50 are you still modeling?
2:34 what are the big differences between college and high school?
3:57 what are your staple wardrobe pieces?
5:05 what do you want to do after college?
6:25 do you have a boyfriend?
6:27 what is your favorite quote/ motto? (thanks goldenlivvie!)
7:45 what do you do to stay fit and healthy?
9:38 what is the best part about being vegan?
10:45 what is your favorite song ATM?
10:55 any advice on friendships/ if we haven't found our group of friends yet?
12:38 what is your history with relationships/ do you have boy or dating advice?
15:10 what motivates you?
16:27 what are your plans for this summer?

twitter: margot__lee
instagram: margot. lee ( https://www.instagram.com/margot.lee/ )
tumblr: fresca-vida
snapchat: MargotLeeVlogs
SoundCloud: Margot Lee

Age: 18 (when this video is being posted)
School: Syracuse University
Height: Almost 5'9"!

FOR BUSINESS INQUIRIES ONLY: margotleevlogs@gmail.com (I will try to respond as soon as I can!). Please refer to the most recent post for the most updated email contact. Due to the large number of emails I receive, I will not respond to emails that are not business related.


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