How To Successfully Find Work at Home Jobs on Craigslist

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Tip #1: Examine the Craigslist Post Title: Avoid Listings in ALL CAPS

Tip #2: Look For a Company Name or Website

Tip #3: Avoid Craigslist Ads that Make False Promises (Ex. Claim you can make $1000/wk or $500 per day)

Tip #4: Search for Specific Keywords on Craigslist (Ex. "Work from Home", "Telecommute", "Remote", "Work Remotely", "Remote Work", or "Virtual")

Tip #5:Determine the Differeance Between a "Home Business" and a "Home Job". Typically a home business requires you to pay a startup fee without knowing if you have guaranteed. A home based job typically doesn't a start up fee. The only fees you should have to pay is for a background check or credit. This is the case mostly if you are hired as an independent contractor.

Tip #6: Use AdHuntr to make your Craigslist search much easier.

Tip #7: Search for work at home jobs in the larger cities like: Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, New York, etc.

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