Yoga & Flexibility Training for Weight Loss & Health – Fitness Tip # 24

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For the longest time I hated stretching and of course I skipped stretching for as long as I could. Now I am hitting almost 30 and finally I can no longer escape flexibility training. As we get older, we become more stiff because the ligaments and tendons (muscle fibers) in our body become less elastic if we don't perform any flexibility training. We start to have more aches and pains after a gym training session or just from every day normal activity. Suddenly bending down to pick up something becomes a bit tough for us. The good news is that flexibility training such as yoga can definitely give us the elasticity of our joints back. Moreover, stretching doesn't just help with injury prevention but also gives you a bigger strength potential to grow bigger muscles and can also help you with your cardiovascular fitness. Even for people who are not interested in fitness, stretching is important for long term health. Check out this video for more convincing evidence.

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