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This short promo video gives an insight into some of the innovative techniques and logical routines that our self-defence students learn when enrolling onto STREETsmrt's exclusive 8 week 'Self Preservation' Course crash-course for complete beginners.

Please note: Not only have none of these students ever taken part in any martial arts before, but all of them were trained on a private 121 basis, so NONE of them had EVER met before the filming of this official grading on the same day, so their synchronistic timing, accurate targeting and routine retention is pure testament to the head coache's teaching abilities. In fact one of the students missed two of the eight lessons of the course so only had 6x 1hr training sessions – We sincerely bet you cannot tell which student it is!

For furthers details and to place your school, health club or individual lessons on our booking rota please visit: or text Mike on 07928 310 374 for further details.


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