Is Cardio Good For Fitness, Muscle Tone & Health – A Guide to Sexy Yoga Stretches and Poses

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Cardio’ does all the magic here and becoming aware of it will help you to carry out your fitness sessions with more effectiveness and knowledge.
‘Engaging in cardio’ simply means the involvement of an individual in endurance exercises which enhances the effectiveness of our cardiovascular system.

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Cardio can be little tiring, yet a powerful tool when aiming for a healthy fat loss. It also creates an energy deficit in our metabolism which significantly reduces the amount of food, needed. It must always be carried out in a style which targets on a maximal break-down of fat for energy while sparing the muscle mass and that is where the need for HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) arises.

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This special tactic involves 20 minutes of cardio comprising of,
1. Warming-up
2. Short high-intensity period
3. Moderate low-intensity period
4. Cooling-down phase

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