My Workspace Setup and Working from Home Tips

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I've been working from home for about 3 years now. Here's how I've learned to have a successful and productive remote or freelance job!

0:53 Tip 1: Have a few workstations

3:50 Tip 2: Get ready like you're going into an office

4:26 Tip 3: Set up a professional workspace

5:12 Tip 4: Change up your location

5:50 Tip 5: Get a pet

6:19 Tip 6: Set a routine and plan your day

7:10 Tip 7: Know when you've hit a wall

8:19 Tip 8: Don't go the whole day without talking to someone in person

9:27 Instagram Stories Q & A

I go into a bit more detail in this Medium article:


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