LLAMAS are the FUNNIEST ANIMALS – Funny Alpaca Fails

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Brand new funny llama videos compilation of 2018! If you find alpaca hilarious – you came to the right video. Plenty clips of alpaca spitting, llama fails and more! Many alpaca fails and llama screaming videos were used. I personaly think llamas are the funniest animals out there: they're so adorable and foolish, how can one dislike them? This funniest vines video was made of a lot of llama and alpaca funny videos, so hopefully you enjoyed it!

This video consists of:

0:00 – when animals attack
0:18 – animals scream/alpaca makes weird noises
00:46 – alpaca spitting
1:36 – funny llama spitting
1:49 – slow-mo alpaca
2:06 – baby llamas jumping on big alpacas
2:52 – alpaca hunting some food
3:32 – funny baby llamas
3:58 – kids vs zoo animals
4:00 – funny penguins compilations
4:56 – funniest alpaca face
6:05 – dog vs llama
6:22 – little alpacas playing around
6:41 – kid and alpaca
7:43 – llama laughing?
8:12 – animals talking

That's it, hope you enjoyed the video!



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