Shopify Ecommerce Affiliate Marketer: Mohamed Ali Aguel

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Mohamed began his eCommerce journey by creating a Pit Bull fan page. After the page grew he monetized it and sold 100 necklaces in his first day. Today Mohamed Aguel speaks world wide, is recognized by Shopify, has multiple eCommerce brands, and has a large Facebook following. On this episode, of The Robust Marketer, Mohamed is going to give his tips for crushing eCommerce and why, as an affiliate, you need to move into eCommerce. iStack Training

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Always Listen to Mo: How Mohamed Ali Aguel Became an Ecommerce Education Superstar

Every day after his middle school bell rang to signal the end of the day, Mohamed Ali Aguel would head straight to his towns internet cafe. There, like any other fifteen year old, he started chatting with people online and making friends around the world. But, unlike many fifteen year olds, Mohamed realized something earlyhe could make money online.

Back home in Tunisia, its hustle life, says Mohamed. You have to hustle to make it.

Today, Mohamed is a successful digital marketer and instructor. He owns multiple online stores, advises North American, European, and Middle Eastern digital marketing companies, and educates thousands through his Facebook community, Momentum Marketing Tribe.

We sat down with Mohamed to discuss what hes learned about being an online educator. Read on for his incredible story, and for actionable advice on growing your own education business.

From hustle to success
Mohameds success did not come easily. At only fifteen years old, he learned that one of the only ways to surmount the economic instability of his home country of Tunisia was to earn income online as an entrepreneur. So he got to work.

Anything you could download and selldigital products, ringtonesI would resell, Mohamed says.

A few years into testing out different strategies and products to sell online, Mohamed was earning more money than his father, an established professor in Tunisia. The income gave him the kind of financial independence from his parents that many teenagers did not have. He could buy games or go out for a meal with friends, all without asking his parents for money. And when it came time to go to university, the income helped Mohamed move to Canada to study mechanical engineering.

I wasnt allowed to work as a foreign student coming to Canada, Mohamed says. My parents would send me money, but the Tunisian currency dropped so much, that I had no choice but to figure it out.

Mohamed realized that he could lean on his passion for selling digital products to financially support himself. But now he upped the ante. Reselling had brought him success, but if he really wanted to be in control of his finances, Mohamed knew he would have to start selling his own products.

To make it happen, Mohamed switched his major to software engineering, so he could learn to build his own software solutions. A few semesters into his new studies, he built his first productan SEO solution that ranks websites.

Now that Mohamed had his own product, he applied the skills he learned as a teenager selling products for other companies to sell his own. At first, he struggledit took years testing out different sales and marketing strategies before he saw monetary success.

But when Mohamed found Shopify, something clicked. Having built an SEO solution, Mohamed realized that the very products he was selling could help him reach his target audiences. He put his software to work, and started experimenting on the Shopify platform.

It took a decade, but it finally paid offMohamed now has multiple seven-figure stores of his own.

Having reached real success through years of trial and error, Mohamed could easily have chosen to keep his attention on growing and scaling his business. But for Mohamed, that wasnt enoughhe wanted to help others.

Knowing that his extensive digital marketing experience could be of real help to thousands of beginners, he turned his attention to education, to help those starting out in the digital marketing space avoid his past mistakes.

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