Virus Questions from Science Reporter October 2018 for SSC/Banking/State PCS/UPSC

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virus related questions

this video discussed questions related to virus which are as follows:-
1. viruses require…. for growth.
2. which of the following is not useful in treatment of viruses?
3. the envelope of an enveloped virus is derived from?
4. which of the following viruses is enveloped?
5. viruses largely lack metabolic machinery of their own to generate or to synthesize ?
6. who crystallized and isolated viruses for the first time?
7. the bacteriophage genomes encode an enzyme known as ?
8. Satellite viruses are ?
9. the HIV virus affects ?
10. the first step in infection of the host bacterial cells by a phage is called ?
11. the correct sequence of events in viral multiplication is ?
12. the viral nucleocapsid is a combination of ?
13. the capsomere consists of a number of protein subunits called ?
14. which of the following is not true of virions
15. which of the following has been associated with Zika virus ? – guillain Barre syndrome


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