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August Motivational daily walk / Jog for mental health and Fitness – Hi Everyone.
Primary ovarian insufficiency — also called premature ovarian failure — occurs when the ovaries stop functioning normally before age 40. When this happens, your ovaries don't produce normal amounts of the hormone estrogen or release eggs regularly. This condition often leads to infertility.

August Motivational daily walk/jog for mental health and Fitness..
I missed a day last Saturday(08/08/29), I had to cook. it's vital to hydrate and keep your stomach Happy and healthy.
Target for me is between 7 to 10km daily.
So Far I have done:
Day 1= 10km (01/08/20)
Day 2 = 6.83Km (02/08/20)
Day 3= 10km (03/08/20)
Day4 = 10km (04/08/20)
Day5= 10.27km (05/08/20)
Dqy6 = 9.19km (06/08/20)
Day 7= 10Km (7/08/20)
Day 8= 10.60Km (9/08/20)
Day 9= 9Km (9/08/20)
Day 10= 7.43km (11/08/20
Day 11= 10Km (12/08/20)
Day 12= 10Km (13/08/20)
Day 13= 10Km (14/08/20)
Day 14 = 10Km ( 15/08/2020)

My name is Anita, and I was diagnosed with POI/POF a decade ago among other stuff. I wanted to create this channel to share my own experience and to help others with the same conditions. The ultimate goal is to build a supportive community of women living with POI conditions. Channel content will consist of Healthy lifestyle, HRT, Exercise, Complications, Side Effects of meds, and many more. I will also talk about my Thyroid Disease (graves disease) which has Relapsed plenty of time.

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Vision: To have the support and adequate support for young women with POI.
1. To increase public awareness of POI
2.Providing advocacy for young women
3. Build a community of women supporting each other
4. Sharing resources to support young women
5. Advocate for research into POI in young women

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