3 Mistakes that Affected My Affiliate Commission | Affiliate Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

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When you start a new niche blog or affiliate website, you tend to focus more on making the site live attracting some traffic.

We all want to just see traffic growing on our niche websites in the early days.

But if you are building an affiliate marketing website, then, it is important to take care of some very important factors while creating the content in the early days itself so that you dont regret later stage.

In this video, you can check Top 3 Affiliate Marketing Mistake that I made as part of my niche blog journey which affected my commissions and earnings. These are very important affiliate marketing mistakes to avoid if you want to maximize your online earnings when you get good traffic.

Take care of these 3 important factors while building the content and niche blog to increase your online earnings when you get the traffic.

1. Product Cost
2. Product Shelf Life
3. Buyer Intern content structure


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