MY NEW FITNESS JOURNEY – JOIN ME!Β  This video is about my new health and fitness journey! To kickstart is a 21 Day Challenge, working out & eating healthy and boy have I seen results!! [More]
At our health and fitness center, we believe in changing lives through fitness. Our state-of-the-art facility has just about every feature you could wish for in a gym membership. Our health club offers a wide [More]
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Importance of Warming Up before Sport – Sports Injury Prevention WARM UP It is very important to warm up the body before exercising. This aids the performer in preparing physiologically and psychologically for exercise, reducing [More]
Fitness is defined as the quality or state of being fit. Physical Fitness is a general state of health and well-being and, more specifically, the ability to perform aspects of sports, occupations and daily activities. [More]
Hello healthy and happy humans! Recently the winter blues have hit me MAJORLY – getting out of bed, training, everything is the biggest struggle and I’m just like yolo who even needs to train. This [More] Rocsi is a woman of many titles. She is constantly seeking new ventures in order to become a living legacy as a fitness mogul. She has proven with her physical ability to be [More]
Come watch me (@lilishealthy) for days out, health events, hustling my brownie business & figuring out a healthy balanced life! —————————————- BTS @ the BITCH presents LUV CYCLE event in Manchester, UK Sunday 6th May [More]
Hey my loves! As you know I love style as much as I love health and fitness! my videos on what I wore is a great way for me to connect with you and share [More]
The lolita fashion struggle and my journey to becoming a healthier happy lolita!
7 Really Cool Fitness Gadgets to Keep You Healthy Subscribe Now! ➑ ⬇️ LINKS BELOW ⬇️ #7.Bowflex Max Trainer ➑ #6.Airdyne AD Pro ➑ #5.Bowflex Result Series ➑ #4.Treadmill ➑ [More]
Please expand this box for more info! Thank you so much for watching! Finally got around to filming this highly requested video about my health, fitness & diet! If you guys like this video and [More]
These apps are honestly life-savers! I use them everyday and they keep me healthy and happppyyy πŸ™‚ I would highly recommend downloading them especially if you are trying to live a healthier lifestyle! Check out [More]
Expand for more info: My Personal Trainer BREE: contact her for training: follow her on twitter: Tone It Up: LIKE Me On Facebook For Updates: Follow Me On Twitter: Tweets by [More]
Get rid of extra body fat and follow super intense 6 weeks cutting program designed and created by #GuruMann "MUSCLE MODE". Full Program Live Now: WORKOUT PLAN PDF : NUTRION PLAN PDF: [More]
Good fat is a healthy nutrient but bad fat has bad cholesterol which is not good for your heart. Watch this video and know How "Eat Fat To Burn Fat". Check out this video and [More]
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Bit of a Mock up Vlog featuring the first half of my recent trip to Melbourne with Team EHP for The Melbourne Fitness & Health Expo. The weekend was nothing short of an Incredible, Life [More]
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This is a quick video about our services and examples of the types of fitness sessions that we offer. Group Exercise, Personal Training, Pilates, Sports Performance, Diet Plans. Call us on 03) 93545373 or 0400 [More]
In this video I explain the opportunity for someone interested in health and fitness but just not sure what to do. If you are not interested in going back to school or doing something that [More]
A few gentle warm-up exercises to make your workout more effective and also prevent injury. This will help raise your heart rate, your body temp, get fluid moving around your joints and thus make you [More]
Lori Rischer chats with author, holistic health/New Age guru, and alternative medicine practitioner Deepak Chopra.
Get a quickie tour of the space and equipment available at the WCC Health and Fitness Center.
So, I've been asked a few times about my "workout secrets," which made me lol for a bit. I decided to compile what I do into a video, with a little meal recipe thrown in [More]
Check out Sherman Oaks Fitness Gym Center! There's no denying the positive effects of exercise on helping control your weight. As you control your weight you will decrease the chance of getting a debilitating [More]
Part 1/4 – Health, Fitness, Nutrition & Yoga Lecture at North Royalton, OH YMCA by Ryan Muetzel of