Finding gifts for someone that is health conscience can be quite a challenge. You don't know what products are in right now, what is high quality, and what works well. This videos covers many different [More]
Importance of Warming Up before Sport – Sports Injury Prevention WARM UP It is very important to warm up the body before exercising. This aids the performer in preparing physiologically and psychologically for exercise, reducing [More]
I'm learning, growing and sharing for our developing successes I'm wearing Politix Harry who? Love you πŸ™‚ Peace
In this video I show you how to stay organised when working at home, all my meals and snacks and also what i buy my mum for mother's day. I hope this helps you and [More]
Hi guys! Welcome back to my channel. Sorry I've been gone so long! Today's video is to share some of my advice on health and fitness. This is the most asked question I ever get, [More]
Dr. Patricia Bragg, long-time friend of health and fitness pioneer Jack LaLanne shares a good time talking about health, fitness, nutrition.
A little insight into my current Health, Food, Fitness and how i toned up in the last 6 weeks. I've had a few people requesting this so i hope it covers everything and if you [More]
Expand for more info: My Personal Trainer BREE: contact her for training: follow her on twitter: Tone It Up: LIKE Me On Facebook For Updates: Follow Me On Twitter: Tweets by [More]
Bit of a Mock up Vlog featuring the first half of my recent trip to Melbourne with Team EHP for The Melbourne Fitness & Health Expo. The weekend was nothing short of an Incredible, Life [More]
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This is a quick video about our services and examples of the types of fitness sessions that we offer. Group Exercise, Personal Training, Pilates, Sports Performance, Diet Plans. Call us on 03) 93545373 or 0400 [More]
Lori Rischer chats with author, holistic health/New Age guru, and alternative medicine practitioner Deepak Chopra.
Amazon Thunder Supplements | Fit Now with Basedow #122 Become a FITNESS MADE SIMPLE MEMBER to build a lean, muscular body: Fitness expert John Basedow of reviews Amazon Thunder Supplements, a line of [More]
So, I've been asked a few times about my "workout secrets," which made me lol for a bit. I decided to compile what I do into a video, with a little meal recipe thrown in [More]
Hey Guys! I'm starting a vlog for many different reasons and thought I'd share my personal story of overcoming a sickness, (being deployed) and how I got started into fitness. Reason I started a YouTube [More]
Behind The Chair with JP Hair Design: Interview with special guest Haywood Simmons the owner of Phitness Plus. Haywood talks about the strategies to maintain a healthy life style. He also discuss ways through nutrition [More]
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